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At this point, you can subscribe to our fee-based emission letter.

The emission letter appears about 12 times a year in German and English language (letter emission and emission News) and deals with issues around the European emissions trading.

The subscription last 12 months and will be automatically extended for an other 12 months, unless it is terminated in writing 2 months before expiry. Subscription price is 329 € / year plus VAT.
If more than one subscription to a location of a plant operator to be appointed up to five e-mail addresses can be specified recipients for the price of two subscriptions.
For subsidiary companies and plant operators with more than one location Special conditions apply on request.

A reduced in price is available for 195 € / year plus VAT, if the purchaser is a student or an individual self-employed or an employee of a plant operator, whose annual emissions in 2013 were below 10.000 tons.

However, if you want the free, readable only in parts variation, so please visit this page: order free emission letter.

In any case, you have all our emissions letters as fully readable version in our archive 12 months after their current appearance free of charge: Emission letters archive.

You want to know two recent editions of the chargeable emission letter first without calculation and without automatic subscription? Then you can order your Free Trial here.

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