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The free initial consultation from Emissionshändler.com

Are you already in the EU ETS? - Let us convince you of our added value

Are you already in the EU ETS? Let us convince you of our added value.

The management of allowances, the maintenance of the registry account, the fulfilment of reporting obligations, the assessment and consequences of technical changes to the installation, etc....
These are all tasks that you, as an installation operator subject to emissions trading, must fulfil in a correct, complete and consistent manner in good time. These fundamental requirements of the EU in the context of emissions monitoring cannot be changed.

We are aware that emissions trading demands a great deal from you in addition to your original business activities. From our experience with many clients, the many tasks you have to perform in the context of emissions trading bring with them a number of problems, risks and stumbling blocks.

We are happy to help!
Do you have a specific problem, but your colleagues in their specialist departments can't help you? Or the abundance of tasks is simply too much for you or you simply want to hear what we can offer you as a partner in emissions trading?

We will come by. Free of charge!
Get in touch with us. We offer you a free initial consultation at your company. The consultation relates specifically to your problem, which you should explain to us in writing by e-mail in advance, if possible. This is the only way we can optimally prepare for the appointment and turn your problem into our task.

Alternatively, you can choose one of our training topics from our training overview and we will explain this topic to you during the appointment.

The appointment is limited to a maximum duration of 4 hours and up to 7 persons of your company can participate.

We are sure that we can help you with our many years of experience in emissions trading and also be a reliable partner.