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Coupon code and CO2 certificate in addition to the quota

What else you can expect from Emissionshändler.com

A voucher code for you?
When selling your THG quota, you will be asked in the registration process for a voucher code of 25 euros that you may have received. A voucher code is issued if you have previously given us a recommendation and thus another customer has sold their THG quota to us.
The redemption of such a code is only possible in connection with the payment of a fixed amount of 300 euros.

A CO2 certificate for you!
The sale of a THG quota for a passenger car in 2022 corresponds to an amount of 856.8 kg CO2 per year. This is at least how much the legislator charges a private vehicle in a flat-rate regulation, based on a consumption of 2,000 kWh/year and an economical consumption of 13.3 kWh per 100 km. This would then also correspond pretty much exactly to the average mileage of 15,000 km that a German passenger car travels per year according to statistics.
While an electric car with 2,000 kWh and 15,000 km mileage is responsible for 856.8 kg CO2 per year (based on the legal requirement of a German electricity mix of 428.4 g CO2/kWh), the value for a diesel vehicle (2.67 t CO2 per 1,000 l) with 7.5 l/100 km with 3,000 kg CO2 is almost 3.5 times as much.

In order to additionally honour your decision to purchase an electric vehicle, Emissionshändler.com participates in a concrete climate protection project for you and issues your personal CO2 climate certificate for up to 1,000 kg CO2 worth 20 euros. You will receive a corresponding link after successful registration.

But that is not all!
Emissionshändler.com has agreed with its subsidiary Climate Company that every customer can customise their personal CO2 certificate with one of four suggested standard image motifs.

Alternatively, they can also design their own image motifs on the front and back. In addition, the CO2 certificate can also be given to any other person as a gift if desired!

Our tip for you
If you have sold us your THG quota, you will receive a special certificate code from us as a thank you. With this code, you participate in a specific climate protection project at our expense for up to 1,000 kg of CO2.
You use the code to create your CO2 climate certificate and personalise it with a picture of your new e-vehicle.
The pdf certificate, which is then automatically generated by our system, will be sent to you by e-mail immediately after completion. You can use it as you wish. For yourself, to give away as a gift or even to recruit a new customer and collect further rewards!

By the way: If you do not yet drive an e-vehicle or have already sold your THG quota for this year but still want to receive an official climate certificate, you can create this CO2 climate certificate here.

The THG quota purchase by Emissionshändler.com

The purchase of THG quotas will be carried out from 27.05.2022 by Emissionshändler.com and its technical cooperation partner GreenAir via the activated registration form.
If you are a company and would like to register more than 10 e-vehicles, please send us an informal email.