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You are a petroleum company and want to buy THG quotas?

You want to avoid the legal penalties? Then you've come to the right place!

Since 01.01.2022, owners of electric vehicles of various vehicle types in Germany can sell their saved CO2 quantities as a greenhouse gas reduction quota (THG quota) to mineral oil companies. For operators of public e-charging points, this has already applied since 2018.
If your company is also obliged under the THG quota to reduce the greenhouse gas content of its annual quantities of fossil fuels placed on the market, you will find the possibility at Emissionshändler.com to arrange quota purchases both as spot and for later delivery. Write to us!

Why do oil companies have to meet the THG quota?

The THG quota is a legal climate protection instrument that has been used in Germany since 2015 to increase the share of renewable energies in the transport sector and thus reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions. At the beginning of 2015, the THG quota replaced the biofuel quota as the predecessor model.

Mineral oil companies and private customers on one marketplace!

Since 2021, owners of electric vehicles have been able to offer their saved CO2 emissions as a THG quota to the mineral oil companies, so that they can meet their corresponding legal requirements not only physically by adding bio-quotas to the fuel, but also in balance sheet terms.

However, so that not every owner of an electric vehicle or charging station operator has to offer his THG quota individually to a mineral oil company, Emissionshändler.com takes over the purchase and sale of THG quotas. This brings together about 90-120 large petroleum companies as demanders of quotas with hundreds of thousands of small private owners of electric vehicles as well as charging pole operators (e.g. municipal utilities) as suppliers.

Energy suppliers who operate natural gas filling stations can also open up a new source of revenue through the admixture of purchased or self-generated renewable bio natural gas. The biofuel quota obtained in this way can also be sold to mineral oil companies via Emissionshändler.com.

Why you should buy your quota from emissions traders

In addition to pricing, the purchase of THG quotas is also about transparency, reliability and knowledge of the market, as well as firm and reliable agreements on deliveries of THG quotas for the next 12 months.

Here Emissionshändler.com can also refer to its sound experience of the last 15 years in EU emissions trading. In detail this is the:

  • Purchase and sale of emission allowances (EUA) in the European Emissions Trading Scheme EU-ETS for more than 200 plant operators (municipal utilities, industrial companies and airlines) in Europe including their reporting to authorities and taking over the management of the allowance accounts.
  • Purchase and sale of national emission allowances (nEZ) as a trader on the EEX Leipzig in the German emissions trading system nEHS for more than 50 so-called market operators (municipal utilities, mineral oil traders, liquefied gas traders, gas suppliers) in Germany incl. their reporting to authorities and the assumption of the management of the certificate accounts.
  • Trading of voluntary VER/CER emission reduction certificates (carbon credits) in the international emissions trading system in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol to a large number of medium-sized companies in Germany as well as their support in sustainability and CO2 compensation through our subsidiary Climate Company.

The GHG quota purchase at Emissionshändler.com

Are you a petroleum company interested in buying THG quotas for the period until 15.04.2023? Then please contact Emissionshändler.com by email or call us at 030-398872110.