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You drive an electric car and want to sell your CO2 savings for up to 425 euros?

Also high payouts for electric buses, commercial vehicles, 2-wheelers and charging columns!

Since 01.01.2022, owners of electric vehicles (cars, light commercial vehicles, 2-wheelers, buses) have the opportunity to turn their CO2 savings into money. This has already applied to public charging points since 2018.

Mineral oil companies have been obliged to reduce their CO2 emissions and contribute to the achievement of climate targets through the legal instrument of the greenhouse gas reduction quota ("THG quota") since 2015. Owners of electric vehicles can now benefit from the THG quota by selling their CO2 savings to quota-obligated mineral oil companies, which in this way co-finance the conversion from fossil drives to electromobility. The legal basis for this is the EU Directive REDII 2018/2001.

Annual premiums for your electric vehicle or charging station

The THG quota entitles you as an owner of an e-vehicle to up to € 425 per year with immediate effect, correspondingly more for commercial vehicles and buses and less for certain 2-wheelers and charging stations. This quota can be sold by you through us and our technical cooperation partner GreenAir.

Our technical cooperation partner will take care of the application to the Federal Environment Agency for you. Our customers have nothing to do with the necessary official regulations and formalities, we take care of that for you. Of course, this includes the sale of the THG quotas collected by us to our mineral oil customers. These are precisely the customers who also buy their national certificates on the Leipzig Stock Exchange via Emissionshändler.com as a registered intermediary of the EEX in accordance with the BEHG Fuel Emissions Trading Act.

What does a quota look like? - Why you should not sell them yourself

When selling THG quotas, an eligible seller must decide whether he should sell his quota directly to the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) or entrust it to a service provider such as Emissionshändler.com.

It is clear that selling directly to the UBA brings about 20% more money than a service provider like Emissionshändler.com pays. However, it must be clear to the seller that he can do next to nothing with the quota certificate he then receives, since in the worst case it covers only 2.0 MWh for a passenger car. He will not be able to find a buyer for it, as the certificate is issued in his name and would have to be transferred to the name of the buyer.
This administrative effort will discourage any buyer, as it is not economically viable. In this respect, such a single quota certificate is worth nothing because there will be no buyer for it.

This is precisely why service providers such as Emissionshändler.com are active in the market, combining the individual quotas of many vehicles and submitting them collectively to the UBA in batches of around 2,000-3,000 MWh.

Why you should sell your quota to emission traders?

THG quota sales are about your money, and every year! You want to get as much money as possible for your quota and not sometime, but as immediately as possible? No problem: we will pay you immediately if you wish. How do we do that?

  • We resell your THG quota directly and immediately to our own corporate customers in the petroleum industry without any other intermediaries.
  • We give you the choice: money immediately within 24h or in 3 months with a chance of extra profit.
  • We guarantee the process and payment with our name and the name of our cooperation partner GreenAir, as Emissionshändler.com has been active in international, European and national emissions trading for over 15 years and is an authorised intermediary on the EEX Leipzig.

With a later payout, you can benefit from the rising prices on the odds market, but also with the risk of ultimately receiving less money than if the immediate payout had been chosen.

For these vehicle classes we buy your THG quota

We buy your THG quota for e-cars/class M1, e-commercial vehicles/class N1, e-buses/class M3, e-2-wheels and e-charging stations.
The amounts listed below, which we will pay out to you through our cooperation partner, are maximum amounts that depend on the type of payment you have selected. In the case of charging stations, please note that the amount paid out depends on the actual consumption. A registration certificate part 1 must exist for each 2-wheeler in order to be eligible.

We will pay these amounts either immediately or in 3 months

220 € Immediate payment per e-vehicle per year (fixed amount).
We immediately check your documents for a passenger car and make an advance payment on your behalf through our technical cooperation partner GreenAir, so that the transfer to you is triggered within 24 hours - regardless of the time and amount of the sale of your quota. The premium may be increased by the value of any voucher code entered.

Up to €425 per e-vehicle per year (Flex amount)
In our option model, the seller of a car's quota benefits directly from the proceeds on the resale to the petroleum industry. The proceeds are based on the current trading price on the quota market. Everything is settled transparently. GreenAir and Emissionshändler.com retain a 15% handling fee for our above expenses. Please note: If the quota price on the market falls, it is possible that less than our guaranteed premiums will be paid out under the fixed amount option. On average, we need 12 weeks to process your submitted data in cooperation with the Federal Environment Agency, customs and bundled sales to the mineral oil companies. The payment to you takes place afterwards.

The THG quota purchase by Emissionshändler.com

The purchase of THG quotas will be carried out from 27.05.2022 by Emissionshändler.com and its technical cooperation partner GreenAir via the activated registration form.
If you are a company and would like to register more than 10 e-vehicles, please send us an informal email.