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Our services in EU and DE emissions trading

Consultancy and trading services are provided for the companies affected by the mandatory EU emissions trading EU-ETS, such as the energy industry with its heating and power plants as well as the heat and steam plants of companies in the chemical, glass, paper, cement and ceramic industries. Likewise for the companies affected by the national emissions trading system nEHS, such as gas suppliers, mineral traders, coke/coal users and traders.
Essentially, these are:

  • Preparation and review of monitoring plans in accordance with legal requirements for installation operators and distributors in the EU ETS and nEHS.
  • Technical advice and strategic business consulting for optimisation of installations and savings in the allowance sector.
  • Preparation of annual CO2 reports in the EU-ETS and nEHS
  • Preparation of ZDB allocation data reports in the EU-ETS
  • Maintenance and administration of company registry accounts at the respective national registry authority incl. the execution of surrenders and transfers in EU and DE emissions trading
  • Set-up, management and profit maximisation of companies' emissions trading allowances on a lump sum or profit basis (allowance portfolio management)
  • Purchase and sale of EUA/aEUA and nEZ emission allowances in bilateral or exchange trading
  • Seminars and in-house workshops on emissions trading
  • Advice on setting up risk management in emissions trading
  • Design and development of CO2 quality assurance systems
  • Provision of consulting services on emissions trading in corporate IT
  • Provision of on-site consulting services for distributors affected by the BEHG
  • Consultancy and support for the decarbonisation of plants and the introduction of biogenic fuels with corresponding sustainability certificates
  • Taking over the complete communication (dispatch/receipt) with the DEHSt authority through external operation of the VPS mailbox.

Emissionshändler.com will be happy to arrange a one-day consultation as well as a free initial consultation on all our services. The consultation can be conducted in German, English or Polish.