The trading package for a successful CO2 trading

Plant operators in the European emissions trading system need competent trading specialists and access to liquid marketplaces if they want to acquire their emission allowances at competitive prices.

The services in the trading package include continuous support of the company on all issues relating to buying, selling, exchanging and lending of emission allowances, the various options of procurement on different marketplaces as well as the execution of transactions and their administrative handling.

A permanent available trading advice, which aims at the procurement of emission allowances for the company by telephone or during an onsite visit, is in the foreground here.
For a detailed description of services, see Trading services in detail.

If a company wants to be relieved of all necessary activities and risks involved in trading allowances, but also wants to operate cost-effectively in other areas of emissions trading while reducing the risk, it can choose the CO2 carefree package developed by Emissionshä®, which contains all four individual packages.

If you are interested, please request our non-binding contract proposal for the EU ETS CO2 packages.