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Your successful start in the nEHS

New territory BEHG - Good preparation is half the battle

You are subject to the NEHS but have not yet dealt with the topic? You are in the middle of the work for the emissions report of the last reporting year and need help? You have to participate in the nEHS from 2023?

The fact is, apart from your normal business activities, there is not much room to get ready for the administrative and commercial activities that go hand in hand with the nEHS.

But this work is urgently needed if you don't want your participation in the national emissions trading scheme to be a lot more expensive than you thought.

We would like to work with you to ensure that the additional financial and administrative burden resulting from the BEHG is kept to a minimum by means of good preparation. We would be happy to support you with tasks such as checking your fuel portfolio to see whether it is affected in the sense of the BEHG, structuring your internal company processes to meet the legal requirements, drawing up monitoring plans and emissions reports, and maintaining the mandatory nEHS register account. Our support allows you to be optimally prepared for the new challenges.