You want to know how emissions trading works?

Then meet us at our training courses!

Are you a person responsible for a plant that is in the mandatory EU emissions trading system EU-ETS or a so-called distributor that will be in the national emissions trading system nEHS from 01.01.2021?
Or you are interested as a normal company, institution or citizen in how climate protection marketing and CO2 compensation work, how you can make your company climate neutral or, more generally, how greenhouse gases such as CO2 affect global warming and what emissions trading can achieve in this context.

Whatever the case, you are welcome at Emissionshä® - the experts in CO2 consulting and trading. We are happy to share our knowledge with you, because we know how emissions trading works!
We have divided all training and seminar modules on emissions trading into up to 20 modules, from which you can put together your own in-house training or your own one-day or multi-day seminar here.


Our target group
As a rule, our package of seminar and training topics is aimed at the target group of:  

  • executives from management and the board of directors
  • technical and commercial executives
  • marketing and environmental officers
  • financial investors and holding companies
  • institutions/authorities/NGOs
  • privately interested citizens

who are offered a wide range of seminar modules in hotel or in-house seminars.


Our speakers
Our speakers are all practitioners. Most of them come from our own ranks and have many years of in-depth experience in the practice of EU emissions trading. They are former operators of installations, sworn verifiers in the EU ETS, energy traders and, of course, classic consultants. So we know how emissions trading works!

Depending on the seminar or training, up to four experts from Emissionshä® are deployed for your needs. This means that you will receive a high level of support and practical assistance on almost every topic for the tasks you need to accomplish.


Participation and conditions
If you are interested in our emission package of seminars and trainings, please inform yourself about the conditions here or contact us by mail.

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