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The consulting package for competent service consultation

Plant operators in the European emissions trading system rely on experienced and competent advisors with many years of experience to assist them not only in reducing their emission volumes, but also in increasing their free allocation volumes.

The services in the consultancy package include continuous support for the company by telephone or e-mail on the essential legal reporting obligations, the optimisation of free allocation and the administrative activities in the registry account.

In particular, this involves technical and/or commercial support on the topics of emissions reporting, allocation data reporting, methodology plan and monitoring plan.

The complete assumption of certain services, such as the preparation of the allocation data report and the emissions report, is not included, but can be offered optionally and separately.

A detailed description of the services included in the consultancy package can be found below.

For a detailed description of services, see Consultancy services in detail.

For comprehensive support in the field of emissions trading, we recommend the CO2 Carefree Package offered by Emissionshändler.com.

If you are interested, please request our non-binding contract draft for the EU-ETS CO2 packages.

  1. Advice on general issues in the course of preparing annual CO2 reports, monitoring plans and notifications on operation (complete takeover and execution of these tasks is also possible against separate invoice).
  2. Advice on BImSchV permits, metrological issues and plant diagrams.
  3. Advice on exit from emissions trading, especially with regard to capacity reduction.
  4. Advice on benchmarks, NACE and Prodcom codes to check for a possible carbon leakage risk and a resulting sharp increase in the free allocation of emission allowances.
  5. Advising authorised representatives in the context of setting up and deleting trust accounts, holding different types of allowances, monitoring and providing assistance in the course of the regular statutory update checks of the registry account data of authorised representatives pursuant to 389/2013, Article 25 (1), Article 25 (4).
  6. Advice and assistance on setting up the necessary URID user IDs in the EU Registry, linking ECAS logins to new authorised representatives, processing verification emails from the EU and activating links contained therein.
  7. Providing guidance and advice on the modification and maintenance of existing URID and ECAS accounts of authorised representatives.
  8. Advice on setting up new facility operator holding accounts and/or person holding accounts for account holders.
  9. Assistance and advice in responding to letters from environmental authorities.
  10. Telephone assistance with a transaction of allowances or the surrender of allowances in the event that one of the company's authorised representatives is unavailable and the remaining authorised representative requires assistance.
  11. Advice and guidance on applying for new authorised representatives, changing personal details of authorised representatives/account holders and their communication details and investment details and the relevant electronic applications required.
  12. Telephone advice for authorised representatives on access problems to the register account as well as on navigating all menu items of the register account.
  13. Initial telephone advice on new installations, capacity increase applications, over-allotments pursuant to section 16 ZuV2020.