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The CO2 Emissions Report

Important, but also correct?

Plant operators know that at the beginning of each year, the annual CO2 report must be submitted to the DEHSt authority by March 31.
The CO2 annual report is a compilation of all fuel quantities used and their CO2 emissions.
Based on the current monitoring plan approved by DEHSt, you must therefore list all fossil fuels and biogenic fuels burned by your plant in the previous year and determine the resulting CO2 emissions.
The start of your work should be in early December, based on the fuel data January to November. However, you should start preparing the emissions report no later than the beginning of January when the last energy bill of the previous year is available.
By submitting the CO2 annual report, you fulfill your obligation to inform DEHSt about the emission quantities of the previous year as well as the composition and emission factors of the fuels used. The quality of the CO2 annual report must comply with the legal requirements, i.e. the criteria of accuracy, completeness and consistency must be met.
After it has been prepared, the annual CO2 report is verified by an auditing organization commissioned by you on the basis of the dual control principle.

Parallel to the allocation data report, you must ensure that the CO2 annual report also finds its way to DEHSt in good time. The annual CO2 report must be submitted to DEHSt by March 31.
Last year, you had already planned to compile all the year's measured values by the beginning of December: but then something came up.
In such situations, you should proceed calmly and deliberately. Failure to submit the JB on time, as well as incorrect or untimely submission of the JB, can result in fines of up to 500,000 euros, in addition to a blocking of your register account as of 01.04.


If you need concrete help with the preparation of your CO2 annual report in the period January-March of each year, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Emissionshändler.com® will be happy to review and evaluate your data and prepare your CO2 annual report based on the approved monitoring plan. Any inconsistencies that may arise due to missing measured values, fuel changes or other operational peculiarities, among other things, will be identified, analyzed and corrected by us with the necessary technical expertise.
After entering all data into the form management system (FMS) of the DEHSt and checking your data again for consistency, we coordinate with the verifier, who then usually only has to wave through the report within his verification organization.
After the successful verification, you only have to send the CO2 annual report via the virtual mailroom to the DEHSt. Unfortunately, Emissionshändler.com® cannot offer to take over the dispatch via the virtual mailroom for legal reasons.
Last but not least, the VET register entry, i.e. the entry of the emission quantity shown in the CO2 annual report in the register, has to be made. Emissionshändler.com® will gladly take over the necessary steps here as well.

If you need help with the preparation of your CO2 annual report or if you would like to hand over the complete reporting work to a service provider, please contact us. Tell us what you need and we will prepare an individual offer for you.
Do not hesitate to contact us!