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The surrender of certificates

The levy - the central element for fulfilling obligations in the nEHS

Every year, pursuant to § 8 BEHG, distributors must surrender national emission allowances (nEZ) to the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) by 30 September, corresponding to the amount of fuel emissions they recorded in their emissions report for the previous year. Each certificate entitles the holder to put fuels on the market that cause CO2 emissions totalling one tonne.

For each certificate not surrendered by 30 September, you will be penalised as an nEHS participant.
In the introductory phase from 2021 to 2025, twice the fixed price at which certificates can be purchased in the respective year will be due for each certificate not surrendered. This means that the payment obligation increases continuously over the first five years to 110 euros per certificate. In the years from 2026 onwards, EUR 100 will be charged for each missing certificate.

However, you will of course still be obliged to surrender the missing certificates by 30.09 of the year following the breach.
Since certificates not surrendered (on time) can quickly lead to costs of hundreds of thousands of euros, the register account management provided for in § 12 (2) BEHG must be carried out with the utmost care.

Correct and complete surrender of allowances saves you from high penalties, which can reach seven figures in the case of correspondingly high emission volumes and thus possibly endanger your economic existence.

For a successful surrender, it is not only the timely purchase of CERs that is decisive, but also that the necessary technical and personnel requirements in the area of registry account management have been created with the necessary lead time.

Our many years of experience in mandatory European emissions trading (EU-ETS) allow us to assess very well the multitude of risks that arise in the context of the surrender process.

Having sufficient allowances available for surrender in the registry account on 30 September is one thing. It is at least as important to ensure that sufficient authorised representatives are able to act at the time of surrender and have the necessary level of knowledge to carry out this process without error.

It makes sense to transfer this risky process of surrender to an external specialist who has been monitoring and helping to implement the surrender obligations for his clients in the EU ETS for over 15 years.

Do you want to minimise your risks within the scope of your levy obligation?
Do not hesitate to contact us! Emissionshändler.com is happy to offer you its services as part of its nEHS package. The nEHS package covers the commercial part of our CO2 carefree package for companies subject to the nEHS.

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