A branch comparison of allocations indicates potential raises of individual claims due to technical modifications

After two years of free allocations for German plant operators within the third trading period it seems to be possible for the first time that a reliable comparison of allocations within one industry branch or one activity can be made.
Not many plant operators might have taken notice of the DEHSt report (VET report 2014) end of May 2014 which offers a larger set of data after the two reporting years 2013 and 2014.
However, this conclusive report should first of all be interesting for plant operators of the industry because comparative figures that are listed show the quantity of their free allocations and, above all, of their own industry branch.
The paper shows a comparison by means of a so-called "equipment level" calculated by the DEHSt. The "equipment level" is the percent product of free allocations of a branch (activity) and the calculated annual emissions (VET).
Emissionshändler.com® analyses in its presentEmissions News 07-2015 the data and enables operators to realize conclusions in the context of special lawful rules, if and under which circumstances a supplementary increase of allocations could be made possible.

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