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The technical requirements for the proper submission of reports in the EU-ETS and of BECV/BEDV applications

VPS und QES – notwendige Werkzeuge

Compliance obligated companies in EU emissions trading and applicant companies within the scope of the subsidy application pursuant to the BEHG Carbon Leakage Regulation BECV as well as the Double Balancing Regulation pursuant to BEDV are legally obligated to communicate with DEHSt via the Virtual Post Office (VPS).
The VPS is a software solution through which reports and applications can be transmitted to the DEHSt and queries can be received. For transmission, the documents must be electronically signed in a legally secure manner with the so-called Qualified Electronic Signature (QES). From a legal point of view, the QES is equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Completed monitoring plans, emission reports and other data requested by DEHSt are transmitted via the VPS to DEHSt for review. The same applies to applications under the BECV in the context of the national carbon price offset. For transmission, the documents must be signed with a qualified electronic signature (QES). Companies subject to compliance and also companies that can have part of their indirectly paid CO2 costs reimbursed by the state must set up the VPS themselves. As this is software from 2005, VPS mailboxes can only be accessed locally and on a personal basis. In times of mobile working, more frequent staff changes and cloud solutions, the administration of this mailbox is a technical challenge for many companies and a high risk of missing penalised deadlines.
The legally secure use of the VPS also requires the possession of a personal signature card in conjunction with a compatible smart card reader. Only qualified, electronically signed applications are accepted by DEHSt as legally binding.

With the VPS authorisation of Emissionshändler.com, the company ensures that the system, personnel, technical and (working) location-independent prerequisites are in place to communicate with DEHSt in a legally secure and timely manner.
Emissionshändler.com sends the legally required reports and applications to the DEHSt with a legally secure signature. Furthermore, Emissionshändler.com informs the company of any queries, if necessary with a deadline set by the DEHSt, or answers these independently for the company within the framework of other consultancy agreements already concluded.
The company is thus in a position to transfer to Emissionshändler.com the operational risks arising from the technical framework conditions of local, personal P.O. boxes, the long delivery times for signature cards, the possible lack of compatibility of signature card, P.O. box and chip card reader, the technical requirements to be created on the PC used for the signature (software installation and updates) and the limited validity of the signature cards.
System-related questions and problems that arise on the part of the company in dealing with the VPS will, as experience has shown, be clarified by Emissionshändler.com in a timely manner bilaterally with the DEHSt.
Emissionshändler.com ensures that the prerequisites are in place at all times to be able to send monitoring plans, emission reports, compensation applications and other electronically signed data requested by DEHSt to DEHSt on time.

You would like to hand over the administrative activities within the framework of the VPS? Are you looking for a responsible and reliable partner who has been operating on the market since 2005 and who will take over the transmission of electronically signed applications to DEHSt and the monitoring of the VPS mailbox in the event of queries from DEHSt? Contact us and we will immediately send you a contract offer tailored to your situation. Please get in touch with us!