The account package for the legally compliant management of an account

Plant operators in the European emissions trading system depend on the legally compliant and reliable management of the registry account through their authorised representatives, as long as the company wants to avoid existence-threatening penalties. 

Since the reform of the Registry Account 389/2013, the legally compliant and risk-free management of the account registry has been the greatest challenge for plant operators. Managing a CO2 account is risky as it involves human errors and technical failures, which may lead quickly to damages amounting to 7-digit numbers. For a detailed description of services, see the Registry account services in detail.

The services in the account package relieve the company to a large extent of the high risks that can arise from improper account management or from technical or human error.

In case of absence of authorised representatives and/or technical failure of their communication equipment, an external authorised representative of Emissionshä® will monitor the administrative and legal deadlines. The company can choose to play an active or passive role through Emissionshä®. Emissionshä® can carry out all necessary activities as 3rd or 4th authorised representative using the dual control principle or can only act as a safety backup in case of an emergency and supports the company’s authorised representative in navigating the registry software, which often changes due to updates. For a detailed description of services, see Register Account Services in detail.

If a company wants to be relieved of all necessary activities and risks in the registry account, but also wants to operate cost-effectively in other areas of emissions trading while reducing the risk, it can choose the CO2 carefree package developed by Emissionshä®, which contains all four individual packages.

If you are interested, please request our non-binding contract proposal for the EU ETS CO2 packages.