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General overview of products and services

Certificate trading
We trade in emission certificates from the mandatory and voluntary markets (EUAs, nEZs, VERs). Would you like to increase your certificate holdings at the current market level? Contact us. Do you have a surplus of certificates and want to sell them at a fair market price? Give us a call.

Account package
The decision in favour of the CO2 account package is a decision in favour of legally compliant and reliable registry account management in EU emissions trading. As an external account representative, we relieve your personnel resources and minimise your operational risks at the same time.

Consultation package
Whether allocation data report, monitoring plan or allocation application, EU emissions trading offers its opportunities as well as many pitfalls. Let us advise you on how to avoid serious economic damage and find and use optimisation potential.

Trade Package
If you want to put your procurement of EUAs on a solid footing, we have something for you. As part of the CO2 trading package, we enable you to trade EUAs at market prices and help you make and implement your trading decisions on a sound professional basis.

Info package
Stay up to date with our help. Political developments, new legislation as well as sustainable price movements - anyone involved in EU emissions trading has to keep their eyes and ears open all the time. We have been around long enough and know what is important and what is not.

CO2 Carefree Package
In our Carefree Package we combine all the CO2 packages we offer in EU emissions trading and enable you to achieve the best possible position for your company in European emissions trading on the basis of this combination of legal and economic aspects.

VPS package
Electronic communication between companies subject to compliance in EU emissions trading and DEHSt within the scope of reporting and registry account management must take place via the Virtual Post Office (VPS). Using the qualified electronic signature (QES), the VPS enables secure and legally binding electronic communication. We will set up and administer your VPS mailbox at DEHSt for you.

BEHG package
We relieve you of the additional administrative workload caused by the BEHG. We continuously support you in the development and documentation of all necessary internal process and reporting structures and ensure that you fully comply with your legal obligations as a distributor of fuels.

QES package
In addition to an initial registration with the DEHSt platform, the management of reporting in national emissions trading requires the creation of user accounts, the definition of user system roles and the continuous administration of the organisation profile. Furthermore, monitoring plans, emission reports and, if applicable, other documents must be transmitted to the DEHSt using a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES). We would be happy to take over these services for you.

nEHS package
Years of experience in trading emission certificates make us your ideal partner in commercial matters relating to national emissions trading in accordance with the SESTA. We offer you legally compliant and low-risk registry account management and economic certificate management in our nEHS package.

Seminar packages
Are you a plant operator in EU emissions trading or are you obliged to participate in national emissions trading as a distributor of fuels? Are you interested in making company divisions climate neutral? Take advantage of the broad range of knowledge of our seminar speakers to get the best possible information or to gather ideas.

Emissions letters
Free and up-to-date information on emissions trading in German. We regularly provide information on current, practical topics in the areas of EU and national emissions trading in our Emissions Letters. Subscribe and stay up to date through us.