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Who we are?

Emissionshändler.com is a company of GEMB mbH, the Gesellschaft für Emissionsmanagement und Beratung mbH. GEMB mbH operates the Emissionshändler.com website in mandatory emissions trading. GEMB mbH works for the climate and the environment.

Emissionshändler.com and its team have been active as traders in mandatory European emissions trading since 2006. Emissionshändler.com has also been active in national emissions trading in Germany since 2021 and is registered on the EEX Leipzig.

Emissionshändler.com is active in various business areas as a consultant, trader, service company and information provider.
Our customers are exclusively companies that are active in EU and DE emissions trading such as energy suppliers (power plants, gas suppliers, heat producers), large-scale industry (cement, clinker, paper, aluminium, glass, chemicals, refineries), municipal utilities as well as mineral oil, liquid gas and coal traders.

Emissionshändler.com trades CO2 rights on its own account for industrial companies and for municipal utilities, buys and sells EUA (European Allowances), aEUA (Aviation European Allowances), nEZ (national emission allowances), CER (Certified Emissions Reductions), VER (Verified Emission Reductions) in bilateral trading with plant operators on the basis of a restriction to spot trading in accordance with MIFIDII.

In addition to trading, advice is provided on all activities and obligations in EU ETS and BEHG emissions trading as well as various services relating to registry account management. All services together are offered to operators in the EU-ETS in a CO2 carefree package and in the nEHS in a BEHG/nEHS package.

Interested customers can also take advantage of our training courses and seminars, which we offer to any company with a minimum turnover of 5,000 euros per day.

In addition, Emissionshändler.com is the publisher of the Emissionsbrief, which has been published since 2006 and which, in up to 12 issues per year, presents current topics in German to operators from the European emissions trading sector.