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E-world 2017

In February 2017 Emissionshaendler was again represented with its stand at the E-world fair in Essen, this time with the co-exhibitor Green-Zones GmbH.

Once again, CO2 emission allowances, sunflowers and information packages were raffled off using the climate wheel of fortune from Emissionshaendler.com. Green-Zones raffled off a nice card game with the stickers and vignettes in Europe as well as climate vignettes for 1,000 km of carbon neutral driving.

Visitors received many prizes through the wheel of fortune, including 7 main prizes consisting of CO2 information packages.

Emissionshändler.com® - The experts for CO2 emissions consulting and trading present the CO2 carefree package!

Impressions of the exhibition stand at the E-world 2017