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The solution approach

Emissionshändler.com as a service provider offers companies from the energy supply, industry as well as aviation and shipping sectors all necessary information, trading, consulting and services in emissions trading. Upon request, we can take over all tasks, in particular all tasks related to the operator's registry account and the associated legal obligations according to the EU Registry Regulation.

The aim of our work is always to identify and implement the economic optimisation opportunities that arise for the company in the context of mandatory participation in emissions trading and to minimise operational risks. Risk minimisation goes hand in hand with a relief of the employees responsible in the company or a concentration on the original business purpose of the company.

Experience shows that the issue of emissions trading is dealt with in very different areas depending on the company. However, the complexity of the topic leads in all cases to a cross-departmental significance. The interaction of departments such as trading, finance, energy technology and environment is unavoidable and must be ensured.

The services offered by Emisisonshändler.com are geared towards this necessary interaction of the individual company departments and ensure that the various aspects of emissions trading are comprehensively taken into account.

Our services are available on a modular basis in several service packages. Depending on their individual needs, companies can get the best possible support here.