Our offer: The CO2 carefree package!

In order to be able to implement the legal and economic requirements of the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS) individually and successfully in the company, Emissionshändler.com® divides all necessary activities into different areas, which are available to the company individually as one or more EU ETS service packages or as a CO2 carefree package.
The four individual packages include each:

  • a legally compliant account management
  • detailed technical information
  • a competent service consultation
  • a successful trading of allowances.

If a company wants to be relieved of all necessary activities and risks involved in EU emissions trading without violating its legal obligations and in a legally compliant, timely, complete, transparent and consistent manner, but also wants to fulfil its tasks in a cost-effective way, it can choose the CO2 carefree package developed by Emissionshändler.com®, which contains all four individual packages.

If you are interested, please request our non-binding contract proposal for the EU ETS CO2 packages.

You can find the detailed description of services of each individual CO2 package in our available overviews of the account, information, consulting and trading package from Emissionshändler.com®. Each package is available over different terms at various prices or is also offered as a comprehensive CO2 carefree package at a reduced total price.

Further information and price details, which depend on the quantity and duration of the packages, can be found in our individual specifications or on request as an offer.

Emissionshändler.com® - The experts for CO2 consulting and trading introduce the CO2 carefree package!