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The information package for detailed technical information

Plant operators in EU emissions trading depend on detailed and up-to-date information if they want to comply correctly with national and Europe-wide legal obligations. The services in the information package include continuous support for the company by telephone or e-mail on all questions relating to EU emissions trading. In addition, a free emissions letter on EU emissions trading is sent out up to ten times a year. Optionally, an annual on-site visit to the company can be integrated into the information package. During the visit, Emissionshändler.com will give a presentation on current developments in EU emissions trading or provide specific information on the topics requested by the company. A detailed description of the services included in the information package can be found below.

For comprehensive support in the field of emissions trading, we recommend the CO2 Carefree Package offered by Emissionshändler.com.

If you are interested, please request our non-binding contract proposal for the EU-ETS CO2 packages.

  • Up-to-date information on volume and price trends of various CO2 products
  • Information on the possibilities of portfolio management for the purpose of procuring CO2 certificates
  • Telephone information service on all CO2-related topics in the EU-ETS.
  • Telephone information service on all CO2-related topics such as plant optimisation, energy efficiency, energy management, biomass, etc.
  • Current information in emissions trading on new legal developments at the EU and DEHSt
  • Assistance on issues relating to the EU Registry Regulation, the EU Emissions Trading Directive, the EU Monitoring Directive, the EU Auctioning Directive, the TEHG, etc.
  • Publication of the periodic Emissions Brief on current emissions trading topics in German, as well as individual and operator-specific information/commentary on the respective topics upon request.
  • Annual information meeting on general, current or specific issues relating to EU emissions trading at the company's premises lasting up to 3.5 hours. (incl. travel to and from the company and travel expenses).
  • Training of new employees and managers on EU emissions trading within the scope of an annual on-site appointment.