The information package for detailed technical information

Plant operators in the European emissions trading system rely on detailed and up-to-date information if they want to comply correctly with national and European regulations and directives.

The services in the information package include continuous support of the company on all issues relating to EU emissions trading and relevant national regulations by telephone or email. Furthermore, a free emissions letter on EU emissions trading is sent out up to ten times a year.

Among the main services provided are an annual meeting at the company’s premises and an updated report on relevant developments in emissions trading by means of the Emissions letter in German language from Emissionshä®.
On request, the annual onsite meeting can be deducted from the service of the information package at 780 euros.
For a detailed description of services, see Information services in detail.

If a company wants to be relieved of all necessary activities and risks involved in obtaining information, but also wants to operate cost-effectively in other areas of emissions trading while reducing the risk, it can choose the CO2 carefree package developed by Emissionshä®, which contains all four individual packages.

If you are interested, please request our non-binding contract proposal for the EU ETS CO2 packages.