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CO2 price in national trade rises again sharply to 40 euros/nEZ

Now it's out: the German government decided at the beginning of August 2023 to significantly increase the CO2 price for fossil fuel refuelling and heating in the coming year. The price is expected to rise to 40 euros per tonne from 1 January, compared to the current price of 30 euros per tonne. Previously, the federal government had discussed raising the CO2 price to 45 euros in 2024, but this was rejected. The further steps now planned are that in 2025 the price will rise to 50 euros per tonne, and in the following year even to 65 euros per tonne. It is not yet clear whether there will be a floating phase 55-65 euros in 2026 instead. These measures aim to make the consumption of fossil fuels more expensive and to create incentives for more environmentally friendly alternatives in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve climate targets.

The generation of CO2 certificates for private and business customers

The entire range of business offers, the many years of successful and holistic activity in the CO2 market as well as our name Emissionshändler.com also lead, according to experience, to many interested parties from the private and non-emissions trading market contacting us. In particular, this concerns constant enquiries about the generation of CO2 certificates.
For private individuals and companies interested in this, we have compiled current information here.

The fuel coke and coal - determination of the BEHG obligationThe fuel coke and coal - determination of the BEHG obligation

There are no simple rules for the fuels coke & coal and their possible BEHG obligation, as is usually possible for gas & oil. Unfortunately, the question of the energy tax obligation - and subsequently a BEHG obligation - only leads to a limited result. This is a dangerous and stressful state of affairs for companies that may be affected, as in the worst case the BEHG obligation is only established two years later by the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt). Administrative offences and sanctions as well as large financial losses are then the consequence for the company concerned.

Emissionshändler.com shows how a company can quickly and easily identify a BEHG obligation on its special page on coke and coal.

E-world 2023 in Essen

At the e-World from 23-25 May 2023, Emissionshändler.com had a stand on the various emissions trading schemes, as in the 8 years before. In hall 2, stand 517, they presented themselves on a stand with a new design.

In addition to the previously known services on the EU ETS and the first stage of the Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG), the trade visitors were presented with innovations relating to the second stage of the BEHG. This concerned in particular the fuels wood, coke and coal, for which the respective distributors have to buy certificates and fulfil their reporting obligations since 1 January 2023.
You can find further reporting and pictures of the trade fair appearance at e-World 2023.

DEHSt Hearing pursuant to §21 BEHG on the enforcement of the obligation to report and surrender allowances

In recent months, DEHSt has continued to work through the first reporting year 2021 in national emissions trading. While DEHSt once reported 4,000 affected companies when national emissions trading was introduced, approximately 1,700 companies reported emissions and surrendered allowances for the 2021 reporting year. Now, companies that are suspected of having failed to comply with their reporting and surrender obligations - and there must be quite a few of them - are being asked to respond by letter (example here). Companies should by no means take this request lightly, as it is a hearing in accordance with §21 BEHG and can result in serious administrative offences. Fast and considered action is called for, especially if it turns out that companies written to were actually under a legal obligation to report emissions and surrender national emission allowances. Even if sanctions can often not be completely avoided in retrospect, because ignorance does not protect from punishment, a quick catch-up in any administrative offence proceedings often has a mitigating effect.
Emissionshändler.com is happy to support companies in this situation quickly, expertly and unbureaucratically. In the best case it turns out that the addressed company has acted correctly, because it is not responsible according to the SESTA. Further information is available at Mail Emissionshändler.com.


Emissionshändler.com launches a fully comprehensive VPS service from 01.02.2023!

Companies in EU emissions trading that are subject to compliance must handle their electronic communication with the DEHSt authority via a virtual mailroom VPS and provide each document sent with a qualified electronic signature (QES).
With this system, nothing is more annoying than not being able to submit completed documents on time due to technical problems, or not being able to comply with requests sent by the authority because the deadline has passed and the documents are no longer in the accessible mailbox.
The setup and administration of your VPS mailbox at DEHSt is now handled by Emissionshändler.com including a complete QES service with your own signature card. Download short info here.


Reclaim double paid BEHG surcharges according to BEDV now!

If fuels were delivered to a company in the EU ETS in 2021 and 2022 and the company had also paid the CO2 surcharge in accordance with the SESTA, it can now repeat this in full. The law on the double-balancing regulation BEDV was passed at the end of January 2023. Just in time to get back the paid surcharges from 2021. The deadline here is 31.03.2023. The application for repayment of the surcharge for 2022 must then be submitted by 31.07.2023.


Phase 2 of the BEHG for solid fuels and specialty oils has begun

Unternehmen der Kohleindustrie, sonstiger Festbrennstoffe und Spezialöle, etc. die ab dem 01.01.2023 von der zweiten Phase des Brennstoffemissionshandelsgesetz (BEHG) betroffen sind, bieten wir ein attraktives BEHG-CO2-Sorglos-Paket, das aus den Teilen Administration und Handel besteht.

Anforderung eines Vertragsvorschlages zum administrativen BEHG-Paketes hier.

Your BEHG CO2 carefree package comes just in time for me. I want to take a look at it!

Please call me to prepare a draft agreement on the BEHG CO2 carefree package, which will be based on the type and quantities of primary energy sources (gas, diesel, petrol, heating oil, liquefied gases, etc.) I have placed on the market.
Send me 2-3 date proposals without further obligation to conduct a free training via video for up to 5 employees of my company. Information and dates around the Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG).

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