Emissionshändler.com launches a fully comprehensive VPS service from 01.02.2023!

Companies in EU emissions trading that are subject to compliance must handle their electronic communication with the DEHSt authority via a Virtual Post Office (VPS) and provide each document sent with a qualified electronic signature (QES). With this system, nothing is more annoying than not being able to submit completed documents on time due to technical problems, or not being able to comply with requests sent by the authority because the deadline has passed and the documents are no longer in the accessible mailbox. From now on, Emissionshändler.com will take care of setting up and administering your VPS mailbox at DEHSt, including a complete QES service with your own signature card.

Reclaim double paid BEHG surcharges according to BEDV now!

If combustibles and fuels were delivered to a company in the EU ETS in 2021 and 2022 and the company had also paid the CO2 surcharge in accordance with the SESTA, it can now repeat this in full. The law on the double accounting regulation BEDV was passed at the end of January 2023. Just in time to get back the surcharges paid in 2021. The deadline is 31 March 2023. The application for repayment of the surcharge for 2022 must then be submitted by 31 July 2023.

Apply now for the BECV grant for 2022!

The national emissions trading scheme nEHS imposes a CO2 surcharge on all industrial companies. Many industrial companies in certain sectors can recover up to 60% of the additional costs in the form of the BECV subsidy! The annual application process has now started again. An application must be submitted by 30.06.2023. All information on the current subsidy and how to apply for it can be found in our issue letter 02-2023.

Phase 2 of the BEHG for solid fuels and special oils has begun

We offer companies in the coal industry, other solid fuels and special oils, etc. that are affected by the second phase of the Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG) from 01.01.2023 an attractive BEHG CO2 carefree package consisting of the administration and trading parts.