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The BEHG package: Advice and support within the framework of the BEHG

Pursuant to the new Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG), distributors of fuels are dependent on emissions trading consultants with many years of experience who can assist you not only in setting up internal reporting processes, but also in determining and monitoring the emission quantities of the fuels placed on the market.

The services in the BEHG package include the initial preparation and updates of the legally required monitoring plan as well as the installation of internal processes that serve to prepare annual reports to the competent authority DEHSt.

The advisory and support services comprising the BEHG package relate to the administrative and monitoring activities and duties to be performed by the distributor. In particular, these are the identification of all fuels subject to the NEHS and their emission factors, the identification of possible double charging and double counting facts as well as the development and preparation of monitoring plans and emission reports in the DEHSt platform.

For a detailed description of the services included in the BEHG package, please contact us.

nEHS obligated parties who not only want relief in the administrative area, but also strive for an economically efficient and risk-minimising approach in the trading area are encouraged to use the nEHS package.