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The nEHS package: certificate management and registry account management

Distributors of fuels in the national emissions trading system (nEHS) depend on a partner that is tried and tested in emissions trading and that not only takes care of the registry management, but also organises the trading of the national emission allowances (nEZ) admitted to the nEHS quickly and without complications at any time.

Emissions traders offer legally compliant and low-risk registry account management as well as economic certificate management to all nEHS obligated parties as part of its nEHS package.

The administrative and commercial services in the nEHS package include, among others:

  • Assistance in submitting the application to open an account in the nEHS Registry.
  • Support in the registration of all desired authorised representatives and their allocation to the nEHS registry account.
  • Continuous legally compliant administration of the nEHS registry account as an external authorised representative in compliance with the principle of dual control.
  • the creation of access to the primary market and secondary market at favourable conditions

Assistance with the submission of the account opening application in the nEHS register, the registration of all desiredand their allocation to the respective register account, all a as well as the settlement of all account representatives and the settlement of trading activities.

The BEHG package is recommended to nEHS obligated parties who not only wish to be relieved in the area of trading and register account management, but also strive for an economically efficient and risk-minimising approach in reporting.