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The CO2 Registry Account

CO2 emission allowances are held here!

The management of the registry account is one of the main duties of a plant operator.
A registry account is always related to the plant, i.e. each operator’s plant has its own registry account, which is also called the plant account. As a rule, each registry account must have two authorised representatives who have access to the account and operate the allowance management system.

The registry account receives allowances through free allocation and purchase. However, allowances are also returned to the EU and sold (as well as by voluntary cancellations). The authorised representatives who have access to the registry account are subject to constant monitoring by DEHSt (identification documents, certificate of good conduct) and are obliged to keep all personal and investment details correct and up-to-date at all times.

If certain administrative activities in the registry account are either not carried out or not carried out in time or incorrectly, the account will be blocked by DEHSt. If no or too few allowances are submitted from a registry account in accordance with the CO2 emissions report, DEHSt will impose a fine of 100 euros per allowance not submitted.