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The purchase and sale of EUAs

The emission allowances traded within the framework of EU emissions trading are known as European Emission Allowances, or EUAs for short.

The EUAs are issued by the EU in the course of free allocation and by means of auctions to the participants in EU emissions trading. The EUAs can then be bought and sold freely on the market on the exchange or in bilateral trading.

Plant operators subject to emissions trading must fulfil the legally prescribed compensation of their CO2 emissions by purchasing EUAs and subsequently surrendering them annually to the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt).

EUA trading is not only extremely volatile, particularly due to the regulatory influence of the EU, but has also reached price levels in recent years that make sensible risk management by plant operators indispensable.

Among other things, the EU's upwardly adjusted climate targets are causing plant operators to successively lose large parts of their free allocation and instead increasingly have to cover their allowance needs by participating in auctions or on the secondary market.

If EUA trading is not part of your core business, this is more than understandable. However, this alone should not lead to this issue not receiving the necessary attention in your company. If you are unable or unwilling to manage this with your own personnel resources, it makes sense to enlist the help of a service provider. The right service provider will keep an eye on the market and the resulting risks for you and ensure that your need for EEA is managed in an economically sensible way and with the necessary foresight.

You would like to trade with EUA at good market conditions based on a simple and understandable contract structure as well as a transparent fee structure? Very gladly, let us get in touch and we will send you an offer tailored to your needs. Whether it is a single purchase, or the agreement of a procurement plan developed and implemented by us, you will be surprised how quickly we can help.

Since you do not want to let the purchase and sale of allowances become your core competence, but you still do not want to give up the full financial responsibility of the trading on emission allowance, it would make sense to commission a specialist with the purchase of the allowances, who will work with you as trustfully as he has worked with many other operators in Europe for 15 years.

At EmissionsTrader.com®, companies commission the purchase or sale of EUA allowances in the simplest possible way, often producing a better result at the price achieved than the average. If, in addition, you need medium to large quantities of allowances more than once or twice a year, we will develop an individual trading strategy together with you, taking into account the current market conditions, and, if you wish, we will also monitor the market for you.

Emissionshändler.com is also happy to offer you its trading services in a CO2 account package, which is part of our CO2 carefree package for participants in the EU ETS.