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The purchase and sale of EUAs

Trading in European emission allowances (EUA in EU ETS) is certainly not part of your core business, unlike your plant, which you need for your electricity, heat, paper, cement, glass or other production.

In contrast to the first years of the 2nd and 3rd trading period, however, the EUA allowances required for your production can no longer be obtained for 5-7 euros, but cost well over 20 euros per tonne of CO2 since the introduction of the Market Stability Reserve in summer 2018, with a simultaneous - more or less - decreasing free allocation.

Except for few cases, operators in the 4th trading period no longer have the problem of wanting to achieve good prices when selling surplus allowances but are on the buyer’s side and - with a few exceptions on the auction market - want to get favorable prices on the secondary market.

Given that large electricity suppliers and very large industrial groups with many plants also participate at auctions and buy EUA Futures on the secondary market, only bilateral spot market trading is generally available to medium-sized and small industrial companies. The reasons for this lie in the possible simplicity and speed in obtaining these allowances.

As a plant operator, you receive a free allocation based on your last allocation application, which is in a constantly decreasing proportion to your need for allowances, which then results in a constantly increasing purchase requirement, which you have to cover as the price level rises.

These problems give rise to important questions for you, the answers to which have a great influence on the economic efficiency of your production as well as on the competitiveness of your company. In particular, the following questions arise: when, where and how the allowances are to be purchased, with which methodology, in which quantity, with which delivery risks, at which price and which additional costs.

You should have an answer to all these questions before you incur prices, costs, quantity and default risks that could cause your company major problems.

If you, as an operator of a plant in the EU ETS, want to be supplied with EUA allowances easily, quickly and inexpensively when needed and want to achieve better prices than the market, then Emissionshändler.com® can make you an offer for a portfolio management or a simple purchase of allowances. You will be surprised how easy it is!

Since you do not want to let the purchase and sale of allowances become your core competence, but you still do not want to give up the full financial responsibility of the trading on emission allowance, it would make sense to commission a specialist with the purchase of the allowances, who will work with you as trustfully as he has worked with many other operators in Europe for 15 years.

At EmissionsTrader.com®, companies commission the purchase or sale of EUA allowances in the simplest possible way, often producing a better result at the price achieved than the average. If, in addition, you need medium to large quantities of allowances more than once or twice a year, we will develop an individual trading strategy together with you, taking into account the current market conditions, and, if you wish, we will also monitor the market for you.

Emissionshändler.com® is also happy to offer you its trading services in a CO2 account package, which is part of our CO2 carefree package for participants in the EU ETS.