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The technical requirements for recording and submitting reports in the nEHS

DEHS platform and the electronic signature QES

In May 2022, DEHSt launched the new "DEHSt Platform". The DEHSt platform is a web-based portal application which, on the one hand, all companies subject to compliance in the nEHS have to use as a data collection system for all reports and applications to be prepared and, on the other hand, serves as a tool for ultimately transmitting these documents to the DEHSt in electronically signed form.

As soon as all data required for the respective reports and applications have been entered in electronic forms, they can be sent to the DEHSt via the platform. For transmission, the documents must be signed with a legally secure electronic signature. This so-called qualified electronic signature (QES) is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature.

In future, completed monitoring plans, emission reports and other data requested by DEHSt will be transmitted to DEHSt for verification via the DEHSt platform. For transmission, the documents must be signed with a qualified electronic signature (QES). While the administrative requirements for document transmission to DEHSt must be met by the distributor in the DEHSt platform itself, the QES requires possession of a signature card and a compatible chip card reader.

With the administration of the access to the DEHSt platform by Emissionshändler.com, the company ensures that the prerequisites are created on the system side so that all persons who are to act as contact persons or as users with write authorisation in the course of the collection of data as well as the creation and submission of reports can perform their corresponding tasks within the scope of the roles assigned to them. The continuous maintenance of the organisation profile is ensured by Emissionshändler.com as a user. System-related questions and problems that arise on the part of the company in dealing with the platform and which, in view of the novelty of the application, will not be absent from experience, are promptly clarified by Emissionshändler.com bilaterally with DEHSt.

Emissionshändler.com offers to take over the task of electronic signature for the company. The company is thus in a position to transfer to Emissionshändler.com the operational risks arising from the long delivery times for signature cards, the possible lack of compatibility between signature card and chip card reader, the technical requirements to be created on the PC used for the signature (software installation and updates) and the limited validity of the signature cards. Emissionshändler.com shall ensure that the prerequisites are in place at all times to be able to send monitoring plans, emission reports and other electronically signed data requested by DEHSt to DEHSt on time.

You would like to hand over the administrative activities within the DEHSt platform? You are looking for a responsible and reliable partner to take over the transmission of electronically signed reports to the DEHSt for you. Contact us and we will send you a contract offer immediately.

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