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The Monitoring Plan

Monitoring methods and processes

The preparation of a monitoring plan is one of the main obligations of an installation operator.
In the monitoring plan, a plant operator must record and describe his procedure for determining the annual CO2 emissions. The measuring instruments and methods used, the data documentation procedure and the employees responsible for the relevant activities are just some of the many points that must be monitored by the plant operator and listed in the report.

In addition to many formal details about the plant and the responsible company employees, the monitoring plan should first and foremost make clear statements about the recording of all those parameters that are relevant for the calculation of the annual CO2 levy. The focus here is on the amount of fuel burnt and the detailed measurement technology with its calibration and calibration periods. The monitoring plan is intended to ensure that the previous year's emission quantities listed in the annual CO2 report are correctly reported to DEHSt.
The requirements for the content of a monitoring plan are essentially regulated in statutory provisions.