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The tasks in the EU ETS

Why EU packages?

The companies participating in the mandatory European emissions trading scheme (EU-ETS) must continuously monitor their emissions according to strict criteria and report on them on an annual basis.
The companies are obliged to compensate their emissions by purchasing emission certificates on the free market. The acquired emission certificates are to be managed by the companies in a register.
All company obligations to be fulfilled in the context of reporting, certificate trading and registry account management are regulated by various European and national laws and require careful attention and timely, complete, transparent and consistent implementation by the companies.
Companies that do not comply with their obligations are threatened with severe economic disadvantages due to the sanction options granted by the legislator. Depending on the seriousness of the breach of duty, the existence of the company may be threatened.

The approach of Emissionshändler.com

Political developments, new legislation and price changes - we at Emissions Dealers keep a constant eye on all of these for you and help you to concentrate on your core competencies. As an external authorized representative, we support you in managing your register account, thus relieving you of the burden on your human resources and helping you minimize operational risks.
The very different individual needs of our clients have long ago prompted us to offer the services we provide within the framework of European emissions trading in a modular system for register account management, consulting, information and trading.
In this way, we are able to develop targeted solutions for the time, personnel and technical problems of our clients.

We at Emissionshändler.com offer companies participating in European emissions trading all the necessary information, consulting and services to act legally compliant in European emissions trading and to take advantage of any economic optimization opportunities that arise. Due to our many years of experience as consultants in EU emissions trading, we see ourselves as an expert and proven partner in emissions trading.