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How we work - what makes us different

Emissionshändler.com differs in many ways from its competitors in the field of consulting and trading in the way it works. We position ourselves as a trading, service and consulting company that offers its services to small and medium-sized participants in EU emissions trading in four clearly structured packages, as well as two packages in national emissions trading for fuels.

We think that favourable purchasing sources and special trading advice in the field of real CO2 trading (purchase, sale, exchange as spot business) offer an economic potential that is underestimated by many plant operators. More information on this topic can be found in our Trading package.

CO2 consulting in the area of the legal reporting and presentation requirements such as the CO2 emissions report, the annual activity level report, the monitoring plan as well as in plant optimisation, energy efficiency and carbon leakage requires a high level of technical competence and expertise, which is of great benefit to many plant operators. More information can be found in our Consulting package.

CO2 information about new legal regulations from national authorities and the EU requires ever greater and constant attention from participants in emissions trading in order to meet all legal obligations correctly and on time. The relevant information is offered to participants in emissions trading in an Information package. 

Since the reform of the Registry Regulation 389/2013, the legally compliant and risk-free management of the registry account has been the greatest challenge for plant operators. The risks involved in managing the CO2 account can quickly reach 7-digit amounts due to human or technical failure. Further information on this can be found in our Account package.