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How do I sell my THG quota to Emissionshändler.com?

Selling your THG quota is very simple and takes place in four steps. You can only register one or more e-vehicles or charging stations if you are the owner or operator of the charging stations or if you have a power of attorney.

You start the application process in four steps:

  1. You register with the technical cooperation partner of Emissionshändler.com in our registration form with your name, your e-mail address and enter your bank account details.
  2. You choose whether you want to receive a fixed amount as an immediate payout of 300 euros or whether you want to receive a flex amount of up to 425 euros 12 weeks after application. However, the Flex amount may be subject to market fluctuations, which may result in a payout of less than 300 euros.
  3. You upload the vehicle registration document of your electric vehicle (not a hybrid) by scanning it or photographing it with your smartphone.
  4. You select the duration for how many years you want to sell us your quota - one year, two years or three years. Then you send off the application.

We take over and require 4 further steps:

  1. We check the application for completeness and legibility of the vehicle registration document. If this is the case, we pay out 300 euros to your account in the case of the selected fixed amount.
  2. We take your details and prepare the application for the Federal Environment Agency and Customs, or send you any queries by e-mail.
  3. We hand over the necessary documents to the authorities by the prescribed deadlines.
  4. We collect the purchased THG quotas on a weekly basis and sell them to mineral oil companies. We pay out the resulting proceeds after 12 weeks as part of the flex amounts. You are paid 85% of the quota sales price, up to a maximum of 425 euros.

The THG quota purchase by Emissionshändler.com

The purchase of THG quotas will be carried out from 27.05.2022 by Emissionshändler.com and its technical cooperation partner GreenAir via the activated registration form.
If you are a company and would like to register more than 10 e-vehicles, please send us an informal email.